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  • Milky cows
  • Calfs
  • Sheep
  • Lamb
  • Goats

The natural additive for the perfect ruminal balance

  • Stabilizes rumen pH
  • Prevents both clinical and sub-clinical acidosis
  • Increases food intake and controls ketosis
  • Increases digestibility
  • Acts against protozoa and bacteria Gram + (coccidia and clostridia)
  • Better adaptation to heat
  • Probably the best natural antioxidant
  • + INTAKE
  • – COSTS
Dairy cattle: 0.5g/kg dry feed
Calves: 0,5kg/t feed
Lambs: 0,5 g/t feed
Sheep and Goats: 1,5 g/animal/day
Solid: Bags of 15 kg
Liquid: Drum of 950 L
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Product Description

Essential is based on phenolic compounds derived from oil cashew. Functional oils are natural oils that have functions beyond their nutritional value.

Modern dairy production systems are based on high intakes and productions.
However, challenges such as ruminal acidosis and insufficient intakes negatively affect the profitability by decreasing fiber digestibility, microbial protein production and decreasing fertility.

Essential helps to regulate ruminal pH by controlling bacterial flora because it acts as an ionophore. The active components of Essential destabilize the cell membrane of protozoa and Gram+ bacteria.

Essential helps to control ruminal pH and prevents both clinical and sub-clinical acidosis.

The effects of controlling ruminal pH are extremely important to maximize intake. High ruminal pH results in:

· Better intake.
· Better fiber and starch digestion.
· Better protein utilization.

“It keeps intestinal mucosa healthier preventing ulcers and diarrhea”.

Essential reduces heat stress by increasing oxide nitric production thus causing peripheral vasodilatation.

It decreases wind chill and the animal produces a feeling of increased appetite.

Better adaptation to heat.

Essential effects

“Use in all species”.


“The perfect balance for the right fermentation of the rumen”.

Studies conducted at different universities have shown that the active components of Essential are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The effect of increasing the antioxidant status of a cow might result in better immunity and fertility.

Essential effects 2

By controlling bacterial flora in the rumen, volatile fatty acid production is increased, improving propionic acid production. Propionic acid is a precursor of the glucose, and so Essential provides a greater energy input.

Essential effects
Essential effects 3

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