Producto Mycosecure Poultry

Mycosecure Poultry

  • Poultry farming

Designed to adsorb and deactivate mycotoxins and restore the animal’s health

  • Restores reproductive efficiency
  • Repairs damage caused by mycotoxins
  • Improves performance
Birds: 0,5 kg/t
Bags of 25 kg

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Product Description

Mycosecure Poultry is a sophisticated mycotoxins capturer that acts by modulating the populations of microorganisms in the digestive system, thereby increasing the inactivation capacity of mycotoxins by the animal.

Mycosecure Poultry presents a wide range of action and high affinity for mycotoxins such as aflatoxin, zearalenone, T2, DON and OTA, among others.
Moreover, its core complex helps regenerate tissue damaged by mycotoxins, mainly the liver and intestine and restores the animal’s defences.

Thus, Mycosecure Poultry attacks the root problem, removes mycotoxins, restores beneficial bacterial flora and repairs the damage caused by the attack of pathogens.

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  • Affinity to all types of mycotoxin
  • Wide range of action
  • Low doses of selective inclusion
  • Large adsorption capacity

“Mycosecure Poultry is a combination of our core Biosecure MP362
and a synergistic blend of clays
(bentonite montmorillonite) and minerals”.

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